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The Muse

Creative Room
Creative Room
Creative Room
Creative Room

Far from the typical corporate meeting venue, think of The Muse as a playroom for professionals. The only creative room in a hotel in Isla Verde, The Muse aims to promote innovation in corporate management by providing a fun atmosphere that encourages spontaneity, interaction and the flow of ideas.

Wall and table surfaces are designed to be drawn on, allowing people to brainstorm and put down their ideas in writing. Casual furniture, eclectic menu and optional perks such as shiatsu massages, complete the vibe. Naturally, all the essential sound and video facilities are available, whether it is to set the tone of the meeting with music (Mozart or Lady Gaga), make presentations or play back recordings of the day’s sessions. 

The Muse includes:

  • Wi-Fi Service
  • White Board Walls ( Dry Markers & Eraser included)
  • LCD TV
  • Extension Cords & Multiplug
  • Spider Phone
  • HDMI cables
  • Apple TV
  • Up to 12 persons

Capacity Chart

The Muse
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