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Puerto Rico Wedding Requirements

Wedding Puerto Rico

In Puerto Rico you must obtain a marriage license from the Demographic Registry office.

  1. Valid photo ID issued by the government of where he/she living (drivers license, passport)
  2. Affidavit - Any person who is not a resident of Puerto Rico and want to get married on the island must present an affidavit or sworn statement certifying that he/she are not residents of Puerto Rico, that the purpose of their visit to the island is to get married, if a foregin citzen will no stay in Puerto Rico for more that what is specified in the permission documents to enter a U.S. territory granted by the appropriate federal agency.
  3. Medical certification that meets all the tests required for marriage in their place of residence. Such certificate is valid for a period of ten days from their expedition. if you are not a Puerto Rican resident you do not have to take the blood test, however you will need to provide a sworn statement that you are not a Puerto Rican resident.
  4. Internal Revenue Stamp of $20.00 from the Puerto Rico Government.
  5. Birth certificate copies
  6. Spouse death or divorce decree if applicable.
  7. If under 21 years the person must be accompanied by a parent

For more information contact the Dept of Health, Demographic Registry Office (787) 728-7980

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